You have been working overtime trying to protect your blog from piracy and trying to make a name for yourself. But have you considered content syndication as an easier way? It will give you the recognition that you need and protect your work too.

What Is Content Syndication?

Content Syndication is an agreement between the original writer and another person or website where the former gives permission to use his content in exchange of some compensation. It can be acknowledgement, where the writer’s name is used, or even monetary. This agreement can be for 1 or many articles for blogs, travelogues and reports. It can also be an ongoing agreement.

Benefits of Content Syndication

Content Syndication has numerous benefits and if you are not syndicating your content, then you miss a lot. Given below are the benefits of content syndication for the writer -

  • Recognition - With content syndication, you name gets recognized on the web and you earn a reputation as a professional.

  • Traffic Generation - People come to know you and as a result, there is a lot of traffic generation to your website or blog.

  • Increase In Contacts – When you get recognition, your contacts increase and this results in more work.

  • Increase in income – When you get more recognition and traffic on your blog, more income is generated.

The website that enters into agreement with the writer also gets new material and can always be fresh.

Optimizing Content Syndication for Blog or Website

Apart from using content syndication for author recognition, it can also be a good marketing tool for expanding brand name and to boost search engine results of your blog. Given below are 2 ways in which you can do this –

  1. Get Proactive With Your Content – Instead of writing for just pleasure or adding blog content, get proactive with it. Add information like news about the company, industry, press releases and all articles and information related to your brand.

  2. Submit the Content to Various Websites – When you have the information ready, submit it to various websites that are willing to accept it. Make sure that your content contains information about you, the company, its products and services, your blog and website. Also add the “Follow me” or “Like” button to increase your followers.

Just ensure that your content is found on credible and quality sites so that it is visible to Google, Bing and various search engines.

Really Simple Syndication of Your Content

Self syndicate through “Really Simple Syndication” or RSS. RSS feed is a continuous source of information from the Internet. The articles or information is then fed to site or sites that subscribe to a certain feed. Anyone reading these feeds will get the article or blog. You can also monitor how many hits your feed has received and thus judge how effective your content is.

If you haven’t considered Content Syndication as a SEO tool for optimization, then it is time that you make use of it and use it to your benefit.