Today few hours earlier a guy named Guilherme da Luz from Portugal claimed that he is able to access another account on Orkut which does not belong to him, also it has been verified by Google. He further wants to take Google to court. The news came to be known to us by a post in Google+ Developers Group, posted by guy himself. The Guy is Guilherme da Luz and his Google+ profile is The post he made says:

This is ridiculous!
More than one month and nothing, I'm even thinking to take google to court!
Please, read carefully:
Google verified my Google+ Account with somebody else account in Orkut. The orkut guy was the same name as me but different surname. What happens? I have full access of this port guy account, I am keeping receiving messages from his friends, I can see his private messages, everything. I can even change his password If I wanted. And why I didn't delete it? Because it's impossible!!! I try to delete his profile from my account and it's not possible.
And I have everything recorded in this video:
So, I wasted more tha 5 hours trying to call google, I sent message to google and nothing happened. I probably lost around 6hours from my working time trying to solve this.

Google, write me a check but please sort this first!!!!!!

He made a video of the problem he is facing. You can watch it here

We have not verified the problem. Hope Google Team looks into the matter quickly.