Facebook got its first customer for the logout page, and the customer is also OS giant Microsoft. Now, it may bee soon that you will get to see Bing page as you logout of the Facebook, though some of the people have got it already as it is testing phase.
This step is taken by Microsoft to save its search engine so called BING 'Bing Is Not Google'. Microsoft has been spending millions of dollars to increase Bing's market share so this
may be one of the biggest step to do so.

As you logout, You’ll see Bing’s trademark wallpaper photo and an active search box, which opens a Bing search results in a separate tab when you search.

Earlier this week, *Facebook introduced two new advertising options. *

  1. A way to share special discounts and promotions.
  2. It consists of two new placements for premium advertising and Sponsored Stories: both can now appear on the Facebook logout Page and the mobile News Feed.

Now, mobile news feed ads are already live but logout page ads are supposed to go live in April.

Details Of logout Page:

Now the question os how it happens?

So, the logout page is noting but an app instead of the current http://www.facebook.com/index.php?stype=lo&lh=xxxxxxxxxxxx it has been redirected to http://apps.facebook.com/index.php?lh=xxxxxxxxxxxx


Also, a question arises in my mind, Who logs out facebook?

But, Facebook says 37 million U.S. users logout of the service each day and 105 million do so per month and the total no of monthly active users in US are 161 million.

Microsoft and Facebook are good Friends (have to say that) the internal Facebook search is also integrate with Bing so this may be* BING Saver.*