There was a time when I couldn’t figure out how to transfer files between my Android phone and PC, without the data cable. Before I could figure out how to do this, I even wondered why my iPhone had no cable in its pack so I could connect it to the PC. As absurd as it sounds to techno-geeks, I actually met cable providers in my area to get this problem solves. Now when I think of it, I am glad I did. The cable provider helped me understand lots of things about how to transfer files without a data cable.
Here is what I discovered and you will surely appreciate the information in this article:

Motorola® DROID, Nexus One™, Google® and other Android™ are not shipped with synchronizing software. This means that when people like me upgrade technology, we say good bye to PC contacts, notes, Calendar and tasks. What we save on the phone, remains on the phone. In fact, Apple iPhones come with iTunes which allows users to synchronize Microsoft Outlook. Palm® OS phones come with their own HotSync Manager. Likewise, Blackberry phones come with the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

This gives us a lead on what phones can be synchronized with the desktop to transfer information from iPhone to PC. What happens if we want to transfer information from the desktop into the iPhone? There are four options for this:

  • Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook: Through a Google account, users can synchronize their web-based data with the PC and phone.
  • Google Calendar Sync: This is a free tool offered by Google. It synchronizes the user’s Google account with the PC’s Microsoft Outlook calendar. This way you can keep up with schedules wherever you are. The integration of the Android phone with the Google account is automatically installed once the USB is connected.
  • CompanionLink®: This option offers two methods of synchronizing the calendar, note, Microsoft Outlook and other tasks. These options are Wireless Synchronizing through Google and USB cable. CompanionLink installs its components on the desktop, which is known as CL USB Sync. The USB cable is to be connected with the Android Phone and the PC. It maintains a strong connection ensuring that data transfer is not interrupted.
  • HTC® Sync: This is also a free synchronize software application and can also synchronize the Address Book, Outlook Express and Windows of your PC with the android phone. Besides, the cable provider also plays an important role in data transfer. If your internet services are too slow, you may find it difficult to synchronize. There will be constant interruptions and failed attempts if the network is unstable.

Other Options

According to the cable providers in my area we can upload photos from your android phone to the computer through online options. You can also update your music library on your desktop through your android. This is possible through the Bluetooth of your android. The first thing you need to do is synchronize the Bluetooth of your phone with that of the desktop.
This can take a very longtime, can be frustrating and you may end up postponing the transfer.

This is an option that allows you to control your android device through the web browser through a USB cable. Once you download this application, install it and run it. You will be assigned an IP address and a password. These will help you connect to your android through your computer.

Remember, not every cable provider provides so much information. There are many other applications available online. However, there is some risk associated with downloading them because virus threats come with them. Whenever you download these applications from the internet make sure they are certified.

Memory Card
For some people this works as the quickest option. There are external memory card drives you can connect to your PC (if it doesn’t already have one). This way you can put your android’s memory card into the device and connect it to the PC. It serves as a USB flash drive and you can transfer your information to and from the android phone.
There are many cable providers out there, but the cable providers in my area seem to have the best services.