Airdroid is a very unique application and is getting extremely popular nowadays. It is an application that can* enormously influence the mode of communication that you have been experiencing with the Android device.*

Users call it a very productive application that also allows you to manage your Android device remotely, regardless of the fact that you use tablet or a Smartphone over Wi-Fi through a web browser. There are various other applications in the Android market that are similar to Airdroid, but this application is extremely user-friendly and straightforward to use. It is also handy to setup and easy to deal with. These benefits make it a practical and more efficient mode of communication.

Airdroid also offers various added features and benefits that might take some more software to manage all over.* The users can read, write, reply to the text messages and manage and play multimedia files, add or edit contacts, install or uninstall applications, check and manage call logs, and updated status related to your device and much more. You can do all this in a very short period of time since the interface of this application is extremely user friendly and well structured. *You will only need to have a solid internet connection and an efficient web browser to execute all these tasks at a time using Airdorid.

The owner of this device will first have to download and install the Airdroid on his/her device. The application asks a local internet protocol address along with a random password. Now, you will be required to run an IE (Internet Explorer, just kidding) any web browser from your laptop or desktop, and enter the internet protocol and password to let the application begin.

The application will offer you total access to your device through a Wi-Fi network connection. This all is very simple and easy to follow and not at all difficult as many people consider it. Now, let’s have a more practical look into the details of this application.

Airdroid is a very enjoyable application to use. You can use it for various remote access solutions as it is designed to get along with different types of data.* It does not require much time to comprehend the data and easily manages the information provides*. Moreover, it is not even intricate to configure.

Many people are just average users of such devices and are not proficient in using each and every application with accuracy and perfection. Also, it is not easy for everyone to deal with data synchronization/transfer software for mobile devices, but this application does not require expert level knowledge at all. You will simply face no problems managing the contents of this application and will be able to browse easily. Fortunately, you will not have to deal with any desktop client tasks throughout the entire application. As mentioned previously, all users will be able to have access to entire set of options from an interne browser.

If you have no idea what it is all about, you can simply search for the right information over the internet and get started right away. When you launch the application on your device for the first time,* your home screen will show the internet protocol address and your network port along with a randomly generated password, which you will be required to mention on your internet browser to gain Wi-Fi connection.*

Once you get connected to your Wi-Fi connection, you will be able to read the entire supported options of the application. There are total six options in total namely, About, Files, Device, Apps, Settings and Tasks. Each of these options is mentioned on the bottom part of the home screen in a well designed manner. You will also be able to highlight a unique password from mobile end, check if you wish to enable the service on boot of applications and allow Wi-Fi to continue providing a connection until you are logged in.