Google has introduced beta phase of Android Training Program, to teach the enthusiasts in Android Developer field.

It will be a direct online training form Google.
This training program will cover different and mostly all the aspects of Android Programming.

Orientation Of Training


  1. Designing Of Multiple Screens
  2. Improving Layout Performance
  3. Managing Audio Playback
  4. Optimizing Battery Life
  5. Remembering Users
  6. Sharing Content
  7. Capturing Photos
  8. Maintaining Multiple APKs
  9. Developing for Enterprise
  10. Monetizing Your App
  11. Designing Effective Navigation

Future Plans


  • Add many more classes
  • Expand Classes,
  • Refine Existing Classes
  • Build Training Courses that help you enhance apps using objective-oriented programming.

The Android Developer team said "Each class explains the steps required to solve a problem, or implement a feature, with plenty of code snippets and sample code for you to use within your own apps."

For further information you can go to