Yesterday, when Robert Scoble, the well-known tech startup enthusiast, went to post a comment on a Facebook post written by Max Woolf about the nature of today’s tech blogging scene. He received an odd error message saying:

“This comment seems irrelevant or inappropriate and can’t be posted. To avoid having comments blocked, please make sure they contribute to the post in a positive way.”

Now, What was the comment? Is he was abusive or harassing behavior, or it has content which was un social such as pornography, or generally spamming of the system? NO, he was just trying to give his views on the thread by Max Woolf. The original comment which he wanted to be posted on Facebook was:

"I'm so glad I didn't start a media business. It's actually really tough to get new and interesting stories and to avoid falling into drama. People forget that Techcrunch was built step-by-step as a new publishing form was taking shape. PandoDaily doesn't have that advantage and, is, indeed, facing competition from social networks that is quite good indeed.

I no longer visit blogs. I watch Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, along with Hacker News, Techmeme, Quora. These are the new news sources.

_ Plus, Pando Daily actually doesn't have enough capital to compete head on with, say, D: All Things Digital or The Verge, both of which are expanding quickly and have ecosystems behind them."_

He got a POP-UP saying:

Now to post the comment he has to use Google+ and there it seemed to work without getting any WARNING.
When asked about this a Facebook policy spoke's person emailed the following explanation:

_“To protect the millions of people who connect and share on Facebook every day, we have automated systems that work in the background to maintain a trusted environment and protect our users from bad actors who often use links to spread spam and malware. These systems are so effective that most people who use Facebook will never encounter spam. They’re not perfect, though, and in rare instances they make mistakes. This comment was mistakenly blocked as spammy, and we have already started to make adjustments to our classifier. We look forward to learning from rare cases such as these to make sure we don’t repeat the same mistake in the future.
For more information about our spam prevention systems, please see this blog post:” _

What did Robert Scoble has to say after the explanation was given by Facebook PR on Google+.

"Turns out that my comment was blocked by Facebook's spam classification filters and that it wasn't blocked for what the comment said, but rather because of something unique to that message. They are looking more into it and will let me know more later, after they figure out what triggered it. Their thesis is that my comment triggered it for a few reasons:
1. I'm subscribed to @max.woolf and am not a friend of his in the system. That means that the spam classification system treats comments more strictly than if we were friends.
2. My comment included three @ links. That probably is what triggered the spam classification system.
3. There might have been other things about the comment that triggered the spam system."

Also, PR said that said that a team is looking into why this message got a false positive, and will be adjusting the algorithms to let messages like these get through the system.

After this happened, when I tried to post the same comment on to the post they gave me some other error message.

As you can see the warning has changed from the previous screen shot. LOL! I guess I am not blocked from commenting on the public posts on Facebook. I don't care care as I mainly use Goolge+ to share my views.