Facebook has transformed how we interact with each other and it has made a significant impact on businesses too. Many businesses now have a Facebook page. But the question remains, can it really help a business to grow and get more customers? This article will try to answer this question.

Facebook Profile for Your Business:

Just like you create your own profile which is a window into what you like, dislike, how you interact or in short a gist of your personality, it is on you to decide how you want to be seen by your friends. You also get the opportunity to make new friends on Facebook. Similar is the case with your business. People like to trust a business that they know about. And as much as they know about it the more they can feel at home with your business. Posting pictures, photos and updating statuses makes you go beyond the confines of businesses and actually creates a market position in the mind of consumers of your product or services as a more friendly and cooperative one. This process on the other hand will let you know what your customers are expecting from you and this feedback is what many companies spend a lot of money to get from whether a second party or themselves. Facebook pages can give you reactions to your new offers and also regarding changes in your product or service.

Advertising, marketing and promotion ….easy and free!

Facebook has created immense possibilities for any business to promote themselves and their product or services to their customers. With adverting cost going sky-high when turning to television and print media, a Facebook business will now be able to send their customers their message through Facebook pages. What’s more is that many businesses try to launch their new products on their Facebook pages too as they have a better chance of reaching the customer there with a whole page dedicated to them compared to intense competition on the electronic and print mediums. The cost of creating your page and promoting your product or service is absolutely nothing so facebook makes your business most cost effective.

Is Facebook the new frontier?

Businesses have over many years used interactive and innovative means to promote and benefit themselves. With the advent of social networking and its prominence after Facebook many businesses have started to promote and maintain their face book pages to better interact with their customers. Large multinational companies or even businesses in constant competition are looking to maintain and increase their goodwill by adding more people to their facebook pages. With Social networking used by anyone anywhere and its huge usage, Facebook alone has more the 845 million active users. It has a large potential to attract more customers to its fold than through average means. But even now there are some limitations as to how Facebook and to what extent it can help a business. The first thing that a business needs to consider is that its page should have considerable likes to have the desired impact. If a page only has one hundred likes then probably it will be best not to use it primarily as a front for your business.