The job profile of web designers is the most promising one considering the level of complexity with which newer websites are being created and the highly competitive market. The web designers have to find ways and techniques to design websites that put their clients ahead of their competitors. The task for web designers to design search engine friendly and user friendly websites becomes easy with the use of the large number of applications available for the purpose. With android being the new mantra for websites and android enabled devices, there are several android apps that are highly useful for web designers.
Here is an explanation of the top five of these apps:

This is a highly useful android app at the hands of the web designers. The application allows easy sharing of files between a computer and an android enabled device like a mobile phone. Web designers can make use of the application while designing a website empowering the client to share files easily and conveniently between an android powered device and a PC. With the Dropbox application, users can save videos and save links on a computer conveniently.

Google Analytics
Web designers are aware of the importance of the Google analytics accounts while designing a website which is highly search-engine friendly. With this account in place, web designers are able to design such websites for their clients, which are user friendly and find high rankings in the search engine results. As an android application, the web designers can now get an appraisal of the performance of the website with a single click. The app is highly useful when the web designer is not working on the PC but needs to keep a track of the performance of the website and get a summary of the statistics.

Typography App
Getting information in real time can make a difference to the success or failure of a website or business. Web designers and web masters seek instant information related to their area of work so that they can use the latest technology when designing better websites for their clients. The Typography app in this regard is a highly useful android app for web designers. Web designers can access the latest press releases and video insights through this application.

AndFTP Application
AndFTP is another very useful android app to help web designers design user friendly websites. The application enables the users to manage various FTP servers. In case a user is not in the vicinity of a computer and yet wants to update a particular website, he can do so easily with the help of his android phone. The AndFTP app allows the user to view, upload and update files or folders on a computer. The user may even delete, rename or set permissions to the files remotely from his/her android enabled mobile phone. With this app it is also possible to pause and then resume the process of file upload or download, remotely._ _
The Photoshop app is a highly useful app for web designers as they can easily edit images by using the application. Users can upload and share pictures from their web accounts and edit them on their android enabled device. Adobe has made sure that installing the app on android enabled devices is easy.