A month ago there was change in the Plus One button load speed it was claimed to be made 20 percent faster.

Google+ Developer Team is working hard to make the Plus One (+1) Button load faster. The latest change being in it's JavaScript. The current change reduces browser CPU usage and memory usage for the site using the +1 button.

How The Change Will Work?

According to the latest change, the button JavaScript code will load with the button itself. But it will show effect when the user has interaction with button by clicking it or on hover.

This news was released in the Google+ Platform Preview Group by an email. The mail says:

We’re making a change to the +1 button’s JavaScript code today. Thischange will first roll out to this preview group and doesn’t requireany change to your site. This change reduces browser CPU and memoryusage for your site by changing how the +1 button JavaScript works.The code will be loaded with the button, but only parse and executewhen the button has interaction, with a focus, mouseover, click, andother relevant events. We hope this will make both your site andbuttons faster and more efficient.
We’re turning on this change for the preview group to give you anopportunity to test the changes on your web site and ensure the +1button functions properly. This change applies to all browsers in allenvironments.
If you do notice any changes to the +1 button while viewing your pageswhile logged into your preview account, please let us know in theGoogle+ Developers Forum:https://groups.google.com/group/google-plus-developers/_
To help us quickly troubleshoot these issues, please create a newthread on the forum with the following information:- A link to a page with your issue.- Your web browser and operating system. Make sure to include theversions of both.- A short description of the issue you're seeing.- Whether you can reproduce the issue while you're logged in with yourpreview account.
Thanks for your feedback!
_+The Google+ Platform team

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